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February 20th Meeting Notes

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About ten individuals showed up for the first meeting of 2013 held in the third floor offices of Knectar Design in Florence with a life-size wooden skeleton of a pterodactyl hanging from the ceiling above us.

The topic of conversation was New Year WordPress Resolutions or what do you want to learn this year as it pertains to WordPress or website design and development in general. As result a number of excellent resources were shared amongst the group. I’ve attempted to list them here:

  • Your Website Engineer Podcast
  • ServerPress DesktopServer, the easiest way to have multiple local copies of WordPress running.
  • MAMP, a general purpose local server environment.
  • Compass, an open source CSS authoring framework
  • LESS, a dynamic CSS language
  • Pagelines, a super flexible premium framework
  • Twitter Bootstrap, a sleek, intuitive, and powerful front-end framework for faster and easier web development.
  • CODA, a Mac web editor, FTP client, reference library, terminal and CSS editor all in one.
  • Notepad++, an open source text editor for Windows.
  • Aptana, a multi-platform open source website development IDE based on eclipse
  • Sublime Text 2, another open source multi-platform text editor
  • Codepen, an online development and training environment.
  • W3Schools, a online web reference for web technologies
  • JSFiddle, another online javascript development environment
  • Codecademy, an online site to learn how to code for free.
  • TeamTreehouse, another online coding learning site
  • WP101, a WordPress video tutorial series.
  • WPMUDEV Integrated Video Tutorials that can be embedded within the WordPress backend via a plugin.

Plus, we briefly looked at the new Twenty Thirteen theme and what’s coming in WordPress 3.6.

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Author: Ed Gray

I currently work for the Alumnae Association of Mount Holyoke College as the network administrator, tech support specialist, WordPress consultant, software trainer, and webmaster.

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